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Hi I'm Melissa!

Marketing Strategy & Automation Expert


Melissa Donohoe

Here to grow your business

Melissa is a marketing expert with 7+ years experience crafting custom analytics reports, building email campaigns, generating leads, and optimizing websites. She has built and managed award winning teams working for large and small companies.

Melissa brings both high quality work and fun to all her interactions. 

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Strategy Development

We'll build a complete  digitial marketing plan for you. From individual channel strategies like social engagement and email automation, to cross channel sales attribution we can develop a strategy that will exceed your business goals.

Campaign execution

Your strategy is built now let us do the work for you. We'll design and send emails, grow your prospect list, engage your social audience, and optimize your website all while following best practices across industries.


Get tailored custom reports for your business. Find out how people are getting to your website, what search terms are driving the most sales, and more importantly, what's causing your customers to leave before purchasing?

Life Passions

Life is dull without passion. My passions bring energy to all of my work and of course play time. My life passions include: handstands, mac and cheese, snowboarding, cooking, hiking, my husband, and yoga.


Client Portfolio



See my in depth resume and the work I've done for past clients.

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